Orientation Programme

Shardabai Pawar Women's College started implementing Orientation Program from July 2010. It is the first college to implement such an innovative initiative for the development of students. Chairman Hon. Rajendra Pawar and Trustee and Head of Education Department . This initiative has been organized since 2010 under the guidance of Sunanda Pawar.


  • • Increase the self-confidence of rural students by overcoming various shortcomings

  • • Reduce the negative emotions in the student and increase the positive attitude.

  • • Creating a love of study in the student.

  • • Enjoy extra reading to the students.

  • • Considering the lack of balanced diet and exercise among the students, to guide them in diet and exercise.

  • • To motivate the students to participate in various activities in the college and the institute.

  • • To motivate the students to participate in various activities in the college and the institute.

  • • To provide information about the central library of the college, its rules, available bibliography, periodicals, book exchange system, reading, room facilities, use of internet facility etc.

  • • To inform the students about the office work of the institution, college and college, concerned person.

  • • Expert guidance on time planning and study planning.

  • • To guide leadership development through experts and to develop leadership qualities.

  • • To be guided by experts on environmental awareness, your role in environmental protection.


Trekking is a form of walking, undertaken with specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery.
It usually takes place on thrill in areas of relatively unspoiled wilderness.
So Agricultural Development Trust arranges many trakes for students in various trekking places for releasing stress purpose. In that students get freshed and become happy. So every year students visited so many trekking places like Raireshwar, Vasota, Tikonagad, Rajgad and so many.
Every Year near about 400 to 500 students are from Shardabai Pawar Mahila Junior College, Shardanagar get participated in this activity.